Revision/Editing MINI-SESSION

Thursday October 22, 2009


Revision= Substantially different and improved (mechanics, content and structure)

Revision≠ recopy of the essay with a few changes in punctuation, a few words replaced using the thesaurus, etc)

Revision Sheets with PEER Revision Sheets (individual) Checklists with PEER Checklists (individual)
Character Analysis Revision Sheet with peer

Poetry Analysis Revision with Peer

Book Review

Narrative New Ending

Lit Analysis with Common Errors

Extended Metaphor Poetry

Persuasive Essay Revision

Descriptive Essay


Poetry Explication FINAL

Poetry Explication Compare Contrast

Lit Analysis

Research Essay

Poetry Explication 1

Draft 2 Check Lit Analysis with peer Writing Reflection

The issues political essay

Lit analysis or event

Evaluation Questions Poetry

Compare and Contrast Essays




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Writing Process Assessment GLE Aligned Writing Process Grading Sheet