Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader List by Title

What is Accelerated Reader? A computerized reading management program that motivates students to read while increasing student's reading ability. It is a commercial product purchased from Advantage Learning Systems in Wisconsin that is now used in over 17, 000 schools throughout the United States.
How does it work? Select a book (from the titles on the AR book list.)

Read the book.

Take a test on the computer to check comprehension. Tests are multiple choice featuring 5, 10, or 20 questions. The computer shows the students how many questions they answered correctly, indicates the answers they missed, and awards reading points.

Where can I find an Accelerated Reader list? There are copies in your Language Arts classroom, and in the library. 
How do I choose a book? Don't pick a book based solely on its point value! Pick a book that is interesting to you, is at an appropriate reading level, and can be read in a couple of weeks.

You only get one chance at passing a test. If you read a 20-point book that takes you the full six weeks to finish and  fail the quiz. You will have no points to show for it!

How often should I be reading? You should be reading at least 45 minutes a day. You need to plan on reading at least 30 minutes daily at home in addition to the time you have in school! Your reading speed will increase with practice!
How many times can I take the test on one book? You can take the test only once! Most tests are 10 multiple choice questions. If you read a classic, the quiz is usually 20 questions. Once you choose an answer to a question and click "OK," you can't change your answer. Also, you can not skip a question and answer it later, you must answer the questions in order.
When and where can I take a test? You take tests in Mrs. Cassel's room, and the library. Once you start a test you can't stop. You will need at least a 10 minute window of time to take a test. Tests are normally taken during Mrs. Cassel's class, but other teachers may let you go to the library, or Mrs. Cassel's room if you have completed all your work. Of course, the library is open before school, after school, and at lunch for AR tests.
Why isn't it good if I'm getting 100% on every test? If you are getting 100% every time you take a test, you are reading books that are too easy.  AR can dramatically improve your reading only if you read books that are challenging. If you are getting 100% most of the time, you should move up a half or whole grade level. You are at the right level when you average around 85-92% on the tests.
REMEMBER: You want to finish your book as soon as possible; otherwise you are likely to forget important details from earlier sections of the book before you finally take the quiz.